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Let your body do the talking

job interview body language

Did you know that your words tell part of the story but it’s your body that tells the whole story.

Our clients (your future employers) tell us that during an interview they look at your body language to view your behaviours and help ascertain your authenticity and sincerity.

A smile 😄 is warm and welcoming. A tilted head shows you are interested and a light touch on the arm conveys trust and harmony. When thinking about your handshake remember your goal is to make the person feel comfortable, it is never a good idea to dominate and for those that have a weak handshake be mindful this may be a cultural thing – common sense is the best approach. Sometimes we may mirror (copy) the behaviour of others and mimick speech/language, that is perfectly ok – it means we are building rapport.

Above all – always be yourself 💗