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My Story and Why I’m Passionate about People

Jill Cachemaille - Recruitment Specialist

25 years ago a Recruiter took a chance on me. I applied for a job through a large international agency and during the interview they asked me to work for them – they said they loved my passion, enthusiasm and energy, even though I had plenty of transferable skills and experience – it was me they hired not my cv. 25 years on I now take the time, every time – to see who you are when I’m interviewing, yes the skills and experience¬†matter but recognising you as a person and matching you accurately to a business and their culture is bigger.

Before every interview I remind myself how you might be feeling so I never forget what its like to be on the other side of the interview process. I’ve learned over the years to recognise unique talent is to recognise the uniqueness in people.

To all of the candidates out there looking for employment right now – be yourself, be unique, someone WILL take a chance on you and for all the Employers out there seeking unique talent – you know where to find us…