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Workforce Manager – Fixed Term

29 Mar 2021

We are currently recruiting for a temporary position from late March through to September within our clients Workforce Management team. The role will consist of looking at rosters and creating a daily plan of how they will manage phone/emails queues against the resources they have in place, and then monitoring the day to ensuring they are working closely to this or adjusting it accordingly to maximise efficiency.

Key Tasks

  • Forecasting – Forecast customer interaction volumes across range of channels using call history and current knowledge to predict future call drivers and workload
  • Scheduling – Utilise forecasted customer requirements to determine what staff shifts and hours will be needed to meet queue demand and contact type.  Staff planning will be needed according to call patterns and skill sets available that aim to achieve optimal staff productivity and operational service levels.
  • Managing intraday activity – Continuously monitor status of workforce against customer demand throughout the work day – updating the scheduler and agent queue log ins as required; ensuring the unexpected is well managed  and that staffing levels and tasks meet any revised forecast  as needed to continue to optimise performance
  • Adherence – Ensuring that agents are doing what they are scheduled to do on each shift or for every time interval.


Key Skills

  •  Excellent technical computer skills and ideally previous experience with forecasting and scheduling models
  • Experience analysing customer data trends
  • Ability to analyse multiple data sets, understand business priorities and schedule staff resource accordingly
  • Ability to ‘think on your feet’ – to move quickly to maximise staff productivity to meet changes in demand and unexpected scenarios
  • Ability to extract and manipulate data across a variety of systems

In return, an excellent remuneration package is on offer, as well as working for a collaborative and inclusive team. To be onsidered, please send through your CV and Cover Letter to or for a confidential chat, call Natalie on 07 9250668.